You will need to enter the dates when you order the LOI on our website. The dates you enter when you apply are a guideline only. Essentially what happens when we apply for the LOIs is we draw everyone's data and submit all applications to the embassy at the same time. The dates you request on order will be the dates stated on that application we submit. When the LOI is issued it will be valid for 2-3 months, enough to cover the latest departure requested. So if you select the dates as 05/08-09/08 and that date ends up being the latest date on our list, there is a chance that the LOI will only cover the period up to the 9/08. And if you get to Turkmenistan later, you won't be able to enter it as the LOI would expire by then. That's why we recommend stating that you will get to Turkmenistan a little later. That way you'll be able to arrive any time up to the later date you selected.

The LOI when issued is generally valid for 2-3 months and allows you to transit through Turkmenistan within it's validity for up to 5 days.

The actual visa will then be valid for 5 days starting on the date of your arrival in Turkmenistan.

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